Secret Seven Box Packed 15 Box Set (Premium Quality)

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Secret Seven Box Packed 15 Box Set (Premium Quality)
Secret Seven Box Packed 15 Box Set (Premium Quality)
Regular price Rs.3,500
Sale price Rs.9,545

Secret Seven Box Packed 15 Box Set (Premium Quality)


1.The Secret Seven decide to make a snowman. Jack loses his prized Secret Seven badge and goes back to the snowman looking for it. On the way he stumbles upon a cottage with very strange sounds coming from it. Can the Secret Seven discover the mystery of the strange sounds? 2. The Secret Seven spend the afternoon playing Red Indians, when Colin witnesses a man jumping over a very high wall. Soon the news spreads; a pearl necklace has been stolen from the same residence. Can the Secret Seven identify the man and catch him before it’s too late? 3. The Secret Seven relocate their meeting-place to a large tree. Once they have made themselves at home in it, they discover that someone else also knows of their tree. Some of their food goes missing. Who is this thief that is stealing food from their tree? 4. The Secret Seven never let Susie join them on an adventure. So she creates her own society called the Famous Five. She sends her brother Jack on a wild goose chase to Tigger’s Barn, not knowing that he walked into the middle of a real adventure, again without her. 5. The Secret Seven decide to practice their detective and shadowing skills. Colin shadows a man with a dog and sees them turn into an alley. Then he notices the man leave the alley without the dog. Colin goes over to inspect only to discover it is a dead-end. Where did the dog disappear to? 6. The Secret Seven discover a battered notebook that is written all in code. It could be connected to a theft that recently came in the papers. But then Peter and Janet’s father’s car is suddenly stolen. What is happening? Is this all connected? 7. The Secret Seven shed is being painted. Now they need to look for a new place to hold their meetings. They discover the perfect cave and decide to settle into it. But they suspect that someone else is using their cave at night. Who is it and why are they hiding themselves? 8. The Secret Seven are very excited. Jack’s sister, Susie, has received a wonderful new toy aeroplane. During their flying adventure, the plane goes into the neighbour’s house and they discover that someone else is living in their neighbour’s home. Who is it and why are they living there? 9. The Secret Seven hold a very important meeting. A young school girl has gone missing. Peter and Janet’s father tells them about the information given in the papers. Now it is up to the Secret Seven to gather more clues and find the girl before it’s too late. 10. The Secret Seven go to a funfair and enjoy themselves thoroughly. Alas! Something goes wrong and they witness a poor woman’s house burn down. In the process of helping her family, the Secret Seven suspect her husband may be involved in a recent robbery. How do they prove he is guilty? 11. The Secret Seven discover the shed is full of onions. They wanted a space to start making a fantastic guy for Bonfire Night. But Susie and her new society are making things unbearable. Meanwhile, Colin’s grandmother’s house has been robbed. How will the Secret Seven manage everything? 12. The Secret Seven are most excited about Jack’s new telescope! But sharing it with Susie and Binkie is ruining the experience. Once calm is achieved, Janet notices some strange activity in an abandoned castle far away. It seems as though someone is hiding there. Who can it be and what are they hiding? 13. The Secret Seven have their first major quarrel. Peter and Jack fight and Jack resigns from the Secret Seven. They write him an apology note that even Scamper signs. They desperately want Jack back, especially when a dog-thief appears to be on the loose and they want to catch him before he can get to Scamper! 14. The Secret Seven decide to help an old gentleman, General Branksome, retrieve his stolen medals. He is very old now, and has lost his most prized possession, his medals from his time in the service. They are worth a lot of money now. With almost no clues to follow, how will the Secret Seven find them? 15. The Secret Seven invite over Bob, who has something very important to share. Old Tolly has run into money problems because of his horse. He is unable to fully pay the vet’s fees on time and his employer is being very bossy and mean. If Old Tolly can’t pay, he will go to jail. How will the Secret Seven help solve this problem?

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