Dictionary & Grammar

Basic Grammar Composition

Rs.300 PKRRs.220 PKR

Published by Rehman Written by Asif karim

A Book of Phrasal Verbs

Rs.100 PKRRs.90 PKR

Idiomatic Expressions & Phrasal Verbs with Sentence

160 Rules of English

Rs.400 PKRRs.375 PKR

Published by Rehman  Written by Asif Karim

Ateeq's English Grammer & Composition

Rs.800 PKRRs.645 PKR

Ateeq's English Grammer & Composition Up To Date  Touseef Shah 

Direct and Indirect speach

Rs.200 PKRRs.185 PKR

published by Rehman  written by Asif Karim

Active And Passive

Rs.200 PKRRs.105 PKR

Published by Rehman Written by Rehman

Atiq’s Practical English Teacher

Rs.230 PKRRs.185 PKR

Atiq Practical English Teacher self help education book This book will help your increase learning skills   

Angrezi Urdu Bolchal

Rs.300 PKRRs.215 PKR

Published by Rehman  Written by Shariq Khan

Pronunciation English

Rs.100 PKRRs.60 PKR

A Comprehensive Speaking Guide

Pocket Dictionary 21st Century Edition

Rs.150 PKRRs.125 PKR

English To English & Urdu


Rs.180 PKRRs.155 PKR

English To Sindhi

Atiq's English Speaking Course 100 Days

Rs.400 PKRRs.345 PKR

Atiq's English Speaking Course 100 Days Step By Step Asif Karim

One Thousand & One Hundred Letters

Rs.200 PKRRs.175 PKR

All Occasions English & Urdu


Rs.200 PKRRs.175 PKR

Ferozsons Student Dictionary

Rs.350 PKRRs.325 PKR

Dictionary English To English And Urdu

Friends Dictionary Urdu

Rs.200 PKRRs.175 PKR

English To Urdu

Bahare Mazamin

Rs.300 PKRRs.245 PKR

Published By Rehman

Learn to Speak Urdu

Rs.250 PKRRs.195 PKR

Published by Rehman Written by Asif Karim


Rs.120 PKRRs.100 PKR

English To Sindhi


Rs.250 PKRRs.225 PKR

Urdu Lugat

Rs.800 PKRRs.750 PKR

Modern Practical Dictionary

Rs.600 PKRRs.550 PKR

Urdu to English

The Three Language Dictionary

Rs.1,200 PKRRs.1,050 PKR

English To English & Sindhi-Urdu

Friends Dictionary

Rs.120 PKRRs.95 PKR

English to Urdu

Pocket Dictionary

Rs.120 PKRRs.95 PKR

Urdu To English

Friend's English Speaking Course 120 Days

Rs.350 PKRRs.275 PKR

Step By Step English Speaking Course Within 120 Days 

Friend's English Speaking Course 90 Days

Rs.400 PKRRs.345 PKR

English Speaking Course 90 Days Step By Step

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